An Angel with No Wings

12 05 2012

I have a favorite saying: Angels don’t always have wings; those ones that don’t, are called friends.

And tonight I met one of those angels. Here’s the story.

Tonight we all went to Senayan City for dinner. It was around 7 o’clock, Saturday night. You can imagine how crowded all malls are on Saturday nights. And so was the parking place at Senayan City. I drove very very slowly looking for any empty spots – no luck. I went event slower waiting for people who were leaving – again with no luck. I went around and around the parking place, getting more and more frustrated. I was trying very hard to be patient, because I knew that sooner or later I would get a parking spot. But I guess ‘sooner’ didn’t really come so soon.

After going around for what felt like one hundred times (ok, perhaps I am exaggerating too much), I prayed that God will put an end to my misery. Then something happened. There was this one driver (he probably saw me and my car with no luck in finding a parking spot) who suddenly waived to pull me over to the side. I stopped, rolled down the window and he said, “Please just take my spot, and let me go around and try to find another parking spot.”

I couldn’t believe that I would get a chance to see an angel tonight. In a crowded parking place on a Saturday night. But this man was truly an angel God sent to watch over me.




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