Try to Learn From Others

1 09 2012

I have always been a believer that one needs to try everything at least once to be able to say that he’s lived a full live. Well, at least I want to be able to say, “Yup, I’ve been there. Tried that. Done that.”

As much as I think I have been through a lot, I still have not done half the things I wish I had done. I think there are still lots more that I have not done.

But a couple of nights ago I learned that one does not have to actually try to do everything to be a full man. Some things we can learn through other people’s experience. We need not make the same mistakes other people make. And for once in my life I can actually be thankful that I have not tried everyhting in this world. After all, if what I do would hurt myself or worse yet, others, then why do it?




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