about mawarkuning

i always hope to be able to link all the letters in the world, putting thoughts into words, and grabbing dreams for others to share.



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4 02 2009

it’s already becoming a habit now…after a hectic day (happens everyday), late in the afternoon, i come here…this place serves as a refuge for me to soothe the soul…calm the mind…can’t describe how grateful i am, that what you’ve put down here has done a lot to me…

simawarkuning: thank you, i am very honored. come anytime. you are very much welcome.

6 02 2009

tampilannya yang baru bagus…i like it

simawarkuning: thank you ya.

18 03 2009
Someone Someplace

Perfect symbol for a perfect woman …… 🙂

simawarkuning: thanks, but i think i am still far from perfect 🙂

15 05 2009
Bowo C


Ternyata blog elo lebih bagus daripada punya gue, bahkan tulisan-tulisan elo, wow, gue gak nyangka. Bikin lupa daratan nih hahahahahahahaha. Teruslah berkarya, jangan berhenti 🙂

simawarkuning: wah…. thanks. ini kan hasil ngintip blog elo yang menginspirasikan gue buat bikin blog sendiri…. thanks lagi :}

10 06 2009

kapan yah gue start ‘blogging’???? ;p

simawarkuning: kalo sekarang emang kenapa?

19 03 2013

begitu indah d’pandang sekuntung bunga mawar berwarna kuning thank’s. . .

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