it’s a small world

18 05 2009

small world3“man, it’s such a small world.”

we must hear the above phrase plenty of times. and whether we truly realize it or not, deep down we somehow believe how true that is. despite of the vastness of the size and the population of this world we live in, again and again things happen that keep reminding us that it’s really not that big a world.

now something that just happened reminded me of the small world we are spending our life in. a couple of weeks ago, a friend’s status in FB mentioned about a friend of hers that died. and then not long after that, another friend of mine said something about this girl who died. i didn’t really think much about it, mostly because these two friends are related in a way that they are both my high school friends (although, come to think about it, it should leave me asking how they both can be acquainted with the same girl since she was not one of our high school friends – but the possibility was large).

and then came something that amazed me more. the very next day, another friend of mine – this time she is my elementary school’s friend – wrote something about the same girl that died. now, this time i started asking because the question mark was getting noticeable. i mean, for sure that my elementary school’s friend would not know my high school’s friends (or so i thought).  so much for a thought.

but no – it didn’t stop right there. another knowledge was revealed to me right after that. still on FB, a friend i know from work, said something about this same girl that died. man! it was like i was getting goosebumps. and here i thought that i had gone far enough during my lifetime to make new friends. but how can it out that my friends from elementary school, and my friends from high school, and my friend from work actually belong in the same circle of friends after all?  all connected to this girl that died. how amazing.

and you know what else? i also found out that another one of my high school friends are also good friends with a cousin of mine. and i got to meet this guy after not having seen him in more than 10 years, in my cousin’s daughter’s birthday party. ain’t that just something?

man. this world is such a small world after all….




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